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Affiliate Program An Affiliate Program is a referral marketing strategy, which is often revenue-sharing, whereby a merchant website increases its' traffic and/or sales by paying a commission to referring websites. The commission is normally paid after the referred site visitor makes an action, such as signing up or making a purchase on the merchant's site. JOIN NOW!

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Partners Programs on Food and Drinks

AmericanSpice.ComThe Great American Spice Company offers customers great spices at great prices. The Affiliate Program pays commissions of 10% for sales.

Sweet Lobster CompanyThe Sweet Lobster Company sells and delivers the freshest, sweetest lobsters and other delicious seafood straight out of the cold waters of the North Atlantic. They are the e-commerce leaders in the seafood business. Their Affiliate Program pays 6-10% commission.

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How to become an affiliate?

It's simple. Visit a merchant or an affiliate network website and fill out the online application. Next, install the provided banner or text link onto your site and hook this up to the unique tracking link provided by the merchant.

The tracking link includes a unique identifying code that allows the merchant to correctly track the actions the referred customer makes on the merchant website.

The banner/text link represents a visual packaging of the merchant site. This is the equivalent of a merchant's storefront window in the affiliate's site. It also becomes the point of transfer from the affiliate site to the merchant site.

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